Verified Website Trust / Security Seal / Badge

Verified Website Trust / Security Seal / Badge
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Our trust seals are fully automated. It will automatically detect your domain as soon as you incorporate it on your website. It will run a site scan within 24 to 48 hours. Authentic website security seals increases your website’s credibility. Visitors will find your website reliable and safe to browse. The web seals and badges confirm that your website does not include viruses, malware, suspicious scripts and other threats. Although you must note that our scanning system may not always be successful. We will run a general virus and malware scan. We will look for suspicious scripts. 

We also offer free website trust badge or seal. Click here to learn more.

Deep scan is included with premium package. Premium certificate shows VERIFIED status in the certificate whereas free certifacte shows UNVERIFIED. Premium account holders will have 24/7 customer support and expert advice if websites experience virus or malware threat. We also do routine scan for the premium users.

See a sample premium live seal below:

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