Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(Fetched from the Terms and Condition section)

33. Information we may collect from you:

33.1 The information that you have provided during registration by filling up the form on our website.

33.2 The emails you send us.

33.3 We may record the conversation if we contact you via telephone.

33.4 We may ask you for further information and store them in our database.

33.5 The details and contents of support tickets issued by you.

33.6 We may also ask you to complete surveys that we use for research purposes, although you do not have to respond to them.

33.7 Details of transactions that you enter during purchase process.

33.8 Details about your visit to our website. We may set cookies in your browser to track how you navigate and use our website. It helps us to make our service better.

33.9 Other details we may collect when you visit our website including, but not limited to, communication data, system data, device information, location data (not precise GPS location), source data and other analytical data that Google Analytics collect.

33.10 We do not completely store your payment information. So any unauthorized access to your money is not possible. We store only the information that is related to the product details and the payment method system. We do not store your 3 (Three) digit card number or PayPal password.

34. Cookies and IP address

34.1 We will collect information about your IP address and computer or device information including browser type, operating system, demographic location and other information that help us investigate our customer behaviour.

34.2 We may set cookies in your browser and it will be saved in whatever storage device you use for your computer. Our cookies are not harmful, though it gives us the opportunity to investigate customer behaviour and we use this information strictly for making our customer experience better.

34.3 By using cookies we mainly count the number of visitor to our website, how they navigate our website, finding out possible problems that customers might face, tracking our marketing promotions and making your shopping experience better by recognizing your identity.

34.5 You may wish to refuse to accept cookies. To do so, please go to your browser settings and disable the option that is responsible for accepting cookies. Different browsers have different ways of disabling cookies. If you find it difficult to do so, please contact your browser’s creator to assist you or you might also find it in their FAQ section.

35 How we store your data

35.1 We store your data mainly in our server. We do scheduled data backup to secure the information. In both sided we have password protected encrypted system that ensures protection.

35.2 You shall understand that internet is not always completely secured. We will not be responsible if there are uncontrollable events, such as hacking and wiping the information. We will give our best technical effort available to protect your information.

36. Disclosure of your information

36.1 If required, we may disclose your information to any law enforcement authority.

36.2 We may disclose your information to our ultimate holding company.

36.3 We may share your information with the present and future parties that is directly joined with our business.

36.4 We may share your information with our partner networks and they might contact you by time to time.

37. Changes to our privacy policy

37.1 We may change our privacy policy anytime with or without notifying you. If we do, you will get emails from us.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries.